MIG2021 Awards

Best Paper Award, 1st position

Proposed to Avinash Ranganath
For the paper Motor Babble: Morphology-Driven Coordinated Control of Articulated Characters, A. Ranganath, A. Biswas, I. Karamouzas, V. Zordan.

Best Paper Award, 2nd position

Proposed to Miles Macklin and Matthias Müller
For the paper A Constraint-based Formulation of Incompressible Neo-Hookean Materials, M. Macklin, M. Müller.

Best Presentation Award

Proposed to Yunhao Luo
For the paper Catching and Throwing Control of a Physically Simulated Hand, Y. Luo, K. Xie, S. Andrews, P. Kry.

Best peer-voted Poster Award

Proposed to Katja Zibrek
For the poster May I sit next to you? The effect of motion quality of virtual agents on the proximity in virtual reality, V. Etien, R. Sterna, L. Hoyet, K. Zibrek.

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